If you are not familiar with the city , if you need to go to a proper address and need some asistance you can take a cab.

In Budapest the taxis have yellow number plates and usually a yellow "TAXI" sign on the roof. All cabs must be equipped with a meter, which should be on and should provide you a receipt showing the exact fare upon arrival to your destination. The fare will be the sum of the initinal fare (a fix amount regardless the distance (around 300-500 HUF), a per kilometer charge (250-350HUF) and a fee charged for idle time (around 60-90 HUF/min). Gratuity is not included should be more or less 10% of the total fee if you were satisfied with the service provided.The fares should be displayed visibly on the car and also inside near the meter.

We can recommend to call one of the big taxi companies in case you need a cab, the reasons and advantages are the following:

1 : Bigger companies offer lower prices, pre-ordered cabs are  also cheaper than the ones hailed on the street.
2:  Phone orders are handled 24 hours a day by call center attandants speaking foreign languages.
3:  The taxi companies assume full responsibility for their employees
4:  They work with cars and drivers that need to have a standard nivaou.

Try to avoid private cabbies offering their services on the street without belonging to any company - the fee will be much higher. Before getting in ask the driver always about the appr. price to your address!

Some reliable companies:

City taxi:               2-111-111
Taxi 2000:           2-000-000
Tele5Taxi:           2-555-555
Fotaxi:                  2-000-000

We personally call always Taxi 2 000, no problems yet and low tariffs.