Public transport

As Budapest has a well-developed, cheap and efficient public transport network we can recommend you to use these services rather than a cab or your car when travelling in town.


Generally buses, trams trolley buses operate between 4.30 and 11 pm, the 3 metro lines (M1, M2, M3) run at 2-15 minutes intervals from 4.30 am to 11.10 pm. Services run till 11pm as you can see  but there are several nightlines running until the morning. At metro entrances big maps are sited to give a comprehensive overview of the entire public transport network in Budapest. Conditions on travel are also written there in Hungarian, English and German (on vehicles too).


You need a pre-purchased ticket or pass on the vechicles of BKV (Budapest Transportation Services), when you get on the vehicle or upon entering the subway station you need to validate your pass. Machines either punch the ticket or validate that by cutting the corner and stamping the date and time of travel on it.

Selling points :

- at subway stations from a counter or from ticket vendor mashines
- at news stands
- or from tobacco stores too
- you can not buy tickets on vehicles!

The widest arrey is available at metro stations, the price list posted there offers abundant information to help you select the most appropriate ticket or pass for your stay.

The BKV offers a wide variety of tickets and passes:

SINGLE TICKET                      - one ride without changing line HUF 230
Discount coupon book (10 Ps) HUF 1.665
Discount coupon book (20 Ps) HUF 3.145

One-day ticket                         - all means for 1 calendar day

HUF 1.300
Tourist ticket (for 3 days)      - all means for 3 calendar days HUF 2.500
Seven-day travelcard              - all means for 7 calendar days HUF 3.400

Budapest Card: 48 or 72 hours unlimited travel beyond the other discounts offered. More information about the card you can read among the programs.


Tickets are often checked by controllers wearing arm-band and photo-ID. They usually work in pairs at least , never alone. They appear "suddenly" o trams, buses or they stand at the exit of metro stations asking for your ticket.
You should keep your ticket till you exit the vehicle or leave the premises of the subway sation.
Those who travel without a valid ticket or pass or violate the travel conditions are required to pay fine beyond the fare. Paid on the spot: HUF 2.500 - further information on public transport and news of the Budapest Transportation Services (BKV) Official website - route planner inside Budapest with public transport