Basic Hungarian Words
Perhaps nowhere else in Europe will the traveller be so confronted by as a great linguistic barrier as in Hungary. The Hungarian language is renowned the world over for its difficulty, which for most foreigners boils down to the fact that Hungarian bears absolutely no resemblance to any language they may have previously encountered.
Hungarian is a Finno-Ugric language. Much is made of Hungarian's relationship to Finnish, but that kinship is distant indeed  and the two languages are mutually unintelligible.
Learning a few words and phrases will make life easier - both for you and both for us. :)
The elder generation speaks mainly Russian or some German, young people almost all on the street will be able to answer you in English, German or in one of the latin languages, don't worry! But to make us smile ;) her you'll find some basic Hungarian words. Good luck! ;)

Good morning Jó reggelt! Yo ragghalt
Greeting from 9 am to 6 pm Jó napot! Yo naupot (means: Good Day)
Good evening Jó estét Yo ashtate
Thank You Köszönöm  Kosonom
You are welcome Szívesen Seevashen
Hello Hello  
See You! Szia! seeya
Good bye Viszontlátásra Veesontlátáshra
I don't understand Nem értem Nahm ertem
Do You speak English Beszél angolul? Bacel angolul